Toyo University’s Center for Sustainable Development Studies (hereinafter the “Center”) was established in 2001 as an Open Research Center under the High-Tech Research Center Project for Private Universities implemented by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). In 2010, the Center changed its scheme to the Strategic Research Base Development Program for Private Universities implemented by MEXT, and conducted activities. Moreover, as the Center obtained support through the Toyo University Focal Research Promotion Program in the second half of AY2019, the Center started activities with the aim of contributing to the realization of SDGs under the theme of “Achieving human security through improvement of the living environment in developing countries,” and these activities will continue through March 2022. The hub for our activities has also transitioned over the years, starting at the Itakura Campus from AY2001 to AY2008, Hakusan Campus No.2 from AY2008 to AY2012, and the Hakusan Campus from AY2013. We have been reporting our activities since the Center’s establishment in a  Japanese/English newsletter. Now, the Japanese version has reached a significant milestone—its 50th issue.

Toyo University has been conducting various research and education on SDGs, and the intention of the Center is to serve as a supporting role for the University’s activities. This is why we came up with the subtitle of “TOYO SDGs Global 2020-2030-2037” for the above mentioned project. The meaning behind this subtitle is to carry out activities through and beyond 2020 (the year of the Tokyo Olympics) and 2030 (the target year for SDGs), and toward 2037, which will be the 150th anniversary of the University. To promote these activities, the Center has created a logo for “TOYO SDGs Global 2020-2030-2037” with a motif that signifies the University’s support of SDGs that are becoming increasingly important globally. Going forward, we will strive to open a way for Toyo University’s SDGs promotion through the Center’s activities, and enable the entire university to move ahead into the future.


Hidetoshi Kitawaki
Director of the Center for Sustainable Development Studies