Previous Events


Symposium “The Decade of Action in the Era of COVID-19: Contribution of Center for Sustainable Development Studies” October 23, 2020


International Symposium “SDGs×Appropriate Technology×Asia” December 7-8, 2019


Symposium “International Contribution and Realization of SDGs” November 22, 2019


Symposium “Enhancement of Human Security through Improvement of Living Environment in Developing Countries -TOYO SDGs Global 2020-2030-2037- ” October 9, 2019


International Symposium “Towards the Actualization of SDGs in Asia and Latin America - In Relation to Common Bonds between Brazil and Japan” November 23, 2018


International Symposium “Cross-boundary Human Development for SDGs through International Networking” Novemver 25, 2017


International Symposium Development and Environment in Africa -Human Resource Development on Technology and Society-” November 11, 2016

チラシ表 チラシ裏



International Symposium “International Contribution in the Era of Globalization” December 11, 2015




International Symposium “International Development and
Endogenous Development” October 10, 2014


International Symposium “Social Business and Endogenous
Development-Experience in Cambodia and other Countries”
July 19, 2013


International Symposium “Disaster and Endogenous Development in
Asian Countries” July 20, 2012


International Symposium “Tourism and Endogenous Development-
In Search for Sustainable Tourism” October 28, 2011


International Symposium “Japan's International Cooperation for
Endogenous Development of Asian Countries” December 10, 2010


Sustainable Development for Water Environment with Particular References to the Aral Sea and Mekong Delta July 4, 2008


Strategies of Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) for Our Cites July 6, 2007



Toward International Collaborative Research between Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and TOYO University November 14, 2016


Development of the international contribution technique in Asia
-Example of the NGO in Myanmar- October 7, 2016


Responsible Tourism for Sustainable Development January 29, 2016

  • Report (English) [PDFファイル/22.25MB] 


Sustainable Development and International Contribution for African Countries January 8, 2016


International Workshop “International Development and
Endogenous Development” October 11, 2014


International Workshop “Social Business and Endogenous Development
in Asian Countries” July 20, 2013


International Workshop “Disaster and International Cooperation
in Asian Countries” July 20, 2012


International Workshop “Community Development in Asia”
September 30, 2011


International Workshop “Toward Formation of Sustainable Tourist
Destination -Through the Experience of Tourism/Tourism
Development Research in Thailand and Cambodia-” June 24, 2011


“Greening of Urban Development” January 22, 2011

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