The study contents

Reinforcement of health enhancement plan and care plan in the senile state from the young period, which is a necessary study field for healthy life expectancy, will be the main study contents at this research center.

Since it is put in the study for health enhancement plan realization from a young period.

  1. The screening by which the effective antioxidant function is the functionality material in lifestyle-related disease prevention
  2. Basic research of lifestyle-related disease prevention
  3. Study of a lifestyle-related disease development risk evaluation way
  4. Man applied research of common disease prevention

It is classified into 4 groups which are so and a study is advanced efficiently.

Because the precaution which delays a decline of the function with the aging will be an important problem by reinforcement of a care plan in the senile state.

  1. Plan for spirit, active maintenance in a body and social each and improvement by planning for maintenance and improvement of the senior citizen's living function which is mainly in the active state.
  2. Delay that linchpin support and the risk into which you fall in the need of nursing care state will be in the linchpin support state by high senior citizen's early detection and early stage correspondence.
  3. Linchpin support and the improvement in the need of nursing care state targeted for the senior citizen who is in the need of nursing care state and, if it becomes more serious, it is prevented.

Studies will be advanced from these 3 viewpoints.