Former Activities (Institute of Regional Vitalization Studies)

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We have ended all events in fiscal year 2015 safely. We would like to appreciate all persons concerned who supported the events and every local residents deeply. This fiscal year, every staff will come into action energetically, so we will appreciate your continued support.

The event performed in fiscal year 2015

  • The Kawagoe-shi center street. "Tokimekumachi" walk rally in the area around "Town of Showa". For senior citizen's comfortable development of region.
  • Kids and Parent Science School The adult generation for the super-aged society and food education campaign in the child generation-food education science lecture of 2 generation parents and children
  • Holding of the movement department for positive health, which made a senior citizen of Itakura-machi residence the subject
  • The practice of "food education guidance and motor function measurement based on a scientific basis" in which we cooperated with Itakura-machi

 This research center was installed in Itakura campus as an affiliated organization of Toyo University in 2002. A teacher is active as Research Fellow from 8 faculties at present. The purpose of installation is here to find a countermeasure in detail, to the area problem the declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people, delay in the center city and decentralization diversify and contribute to area activation. The area made a subject of research, domestic and abroad. It is said to be area contribution of a university in particular, then cooperation with each local self-governing body in the Kanto area north, including 4 prefecture area around the Itakura campus is also kept in the view. Thank you for your continuing support.