1st Unit:Basic Research to Rebuild Japanese Philosophy

1st Unit

Basic Research to Rebuild Japanese Philosophy

Shougo Iwai
Project Leader
First Unit

In this unit, where we conduct research on the philosophy of Inoue Enryo in modern Japan, the originality of modern Japanese philosophy will be explored in the context of the history of philosophy’s role in Japan since the modern era. There will be an analysis and investigation of the characteristic Japanese qualities of philosophy. Furthermore, we examine how, with international cooperation, this work can contribute to the creation of progressive values for the global society of the future. In particular, we believe that research on the work of Enryo Inoue, the founder of Toyo University, is an important part of accurately realizing the principles upon which our university was founded.

Among the research on specifically Enryo, research perspectives include:

  1. elucidating the history of Enryo’s thought formation
  2. investigation of the core of Enryo’s philosophy
  3. investigation of the relationship between philosophy and Buddhism for Enryo
  4. investigation of the relationship between Enryo’s philosophy and the philosophical thought of the same era
  5. analysis of the aspects of philosophy that should be inherited from Enryo and other philosophers of the same era

At Toyo University, Ouchi Seiran, Sakaino Koyo, and others followed after Inoue Enryo and carried on his ideas. While tracking these thinkers, our unit will also investigate the intrinsic characteristics of Japanese philosophical work in the modern and postmodern eras, including the work of Nishida Kitaro, Tanabe Hajime, Watsuji Tetsuro, and Shuzo Kuki. In conducting detailed research in these areas, we also wish to accomplish the task of writing a new history of modern Japanese philosophy.

These are some of the ways we will reexamine how Japanese people have accomplished philosophical pursuits since the era that heralded the start of Western-style philosophical research. Moreover, based on this, the unit will envision the way forward for future Japanese philosophical research. In addition, these research findings will be provided to other research units via repeated extensive discussions, and through this, we will strive to present new philosophical methodologies and values for the increasingly turbulent global society. By communicating these methodologies and values in international venues, we aim to achieve community regeneration and lifestyle innovation for the world’s citizens, as well as to engender solidarity, integration, and respect for the various traditions of multi-polarized societies.