The International Research Center for Philosophy (IRCP) has now completed a developmental merger
with the Transdisciplinary Initiative for Eco-Philosophy (TIEPh), and is carrying out activities in order to
develop a philosophy of the new era that address various challenges of modern societies.
In order to provide appropriate pathways and suggest various choices that can be developed in future to
solve social, economical and religious conflicts deriving from the changes of values as a result of
globalization and consequential global structural changes, philosophy as basic thought that can form a
universal and fundamental standard while maintaining individual identity will be necessary.
To solve these issues, the aims of the Center are to conduct various researches in a collaborative
interdisciplinary manner, seek information and ways essential for practice, and establish a philosophy of
global community for the twenty second century that is oriented for problem solving and self-
transmitting, in other words, to create several bases for a “world philosophy”.

  • "Information Science and Technology Society"
  • "Eco-Philosophy"
  • "Religion"
  • "History of Philosophy"