The Institute of Social Sciences was inaugurated in July 2002 as an academic and
comprehensive institute for social sciences, integrating the Center for Research of Global
Economy, the Research Institute of Business Management, the Institute of Social Relations,
and the Toyo University Institute of Comparative Law.
Presently, through studies on their individual fields and comprehensive studies, theInstitute
is performing research activities in a comprehensive manner as a research base aiming at
solving issues in modern society which are becoming increasingly diverse and complicated.
The Institute proceeds with the research activities centering around 5 research themes;
Environment, Information, Law, Regional Management and Seeds.
It publishes the achievements in Social Science Annual Report, Working Paper Series,
Project Papers and presents them in symposia and workshop etc..
Making full use of its accumulated knowledge, the Institute will continue its researches that
address social needs andead to policy propositions significant for society.
It is committed to promoting collaborative research actively, not only within the University,
but also with enterprises, other universities, government and research bodies, communicating
widely to send out information and return its achievements from research into society.

≪The Chronological Order of Director ≫


Shusaku Yamaya


July, 2002-March, 2004


Yasuo Matsuyuki

Business Administration

April, 2004-March, 2006


Rieko Yamashita


April, 2006-March, 2008


Shunshi Matsuzono

Regional Development Studies

April, 2008-March, 2013


Kentaro Shibusawa


April, 2013-March, 2016

6 Haruo Ishii Business Administration April, 2016-