Call for Papers (from the Japanese Society and Culture)

Dear Researchers, Scholars and Authors,

The Japanese Society and Culture would like to warmly invite you to contribute a research paper for publication in the Japanese Society and Culture, the English journal of the Institute of Social Sciences, Toyo University.

The Institute of Social Sciences was established at Toyo University in July 2002 and consists of 143 researchers from various fields of social science. We organise project teams, hold international symposiums twice a year and publish journals to investigate contemporary social issues in Japan. Our English journal the Japanese Society and Culture was first published in March 2019 to introduce academic knowledge regarding Japanese society, especially after the Meiji Restoration, to researchers who have difficulty in accessing Japanese resources. We are currently inviting papers for No. 3 which is scheduled to be published on March 31, 2021 (Submission Deadline: September 30, 2020).

If you are interested, please check the contribution
or send an email to: for further details.

With warm regards,

Saito Hiroshi
Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, Toyo University
Editor-in-Chief of the Japanese Society and Culture

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Phone: 81(3)39458539  
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