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Outline of the Center

The Inoue Enryo Research Center conducts activities to present Characteristics of Toyo University, both domestically and internationally as well as contribute to the improvement of Japanese culture by proceeding with studies on the history of the University, the founding spirit of Dr. Enryo Inoue, a founder of the University and his educational philosophy, thought and achievements.

Since its change of status in 2014 from a corporate research institute, established in 1990, to an educational organization, it has continued the predecessor’s works including researching, collecting, sorting-out, archiving and publishing the related materials, and it has now expanded its projects aiming to promote Enryo studies on international stages, has translated his literary works into English, organized conferences by establishing the Inoue Enryo International Society within the Center.

It also organizes open symposiums (held in 2015 under the theme of “Living the philosophy of Inoue Enryo”), holds regular open study meetings, and publishes research achievements including “Inoue Enryo Center Annual Report” and “Inoue Enryo International Studies” at home and abroad.

The Center also carries out events for students and class supports.


Director of the Center

  • Yoshikazu Yoshida (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering Professor)

Research Fellow

  • Tsutomu Sagara  (Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy Professor)
  • Shogo Watanabe (Faculty of Letters, Department of Eastern Philosophy and Culture Professor)
  • Shogo Iwai (Faculty of Letters, Department of Eastern Philosophy and Culture Professor)
  • Takehiko Yasuda (Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics Professor)
  • Hiroshi Saito (Faculty of Law, Department of Business Law Professor)
  • Koichi Asakura (Faculty of Law, Department of Law Professor)
  • Takayuki Shibata (Faculty of Sociology, Department of Sociocultural Studies Professor)
  • Hajime Imamura (Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Department of Global Innovation Studies Professor)
  • Setsuo Miura (Faculty of Human Life Design, Department of Human Environment Design Professor)
  • Yoshikazu Yoshida (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering Professor)
  • Takashi Shimizu  (Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts, Department of Information Sciences and Arts Professor) 
  • Hirokazu Okuma (Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Department of Food and Life Sciences Professor)
  • Rainer Schulzer(Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design Associate Professar)

Visiting Research Fellow

Research Associate

  • Daisuke Iseki (Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts Lecturer(part-time))


Inoue Enryo Research Center

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