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Inoue Enryo, philosopher from the Meiji era and founder of Toyo University, was an outstanding scholar who studied Buddhism, religious studies, ethics, pedagogy, and psychology. He also pursued original research in a field he called Mystery Studies (Yōkai-gaku), which aimed at explaining rationally and scientifically supernatural phenomena such as ghosts and other apparitions. He was a prominent teacher and education advocate who offered learning opportunities to the broader public in Meiji Japan. Despite all this his biography and achievements have not been researched sufficiently until today.

On the occasion of its 125th anniversary in 2012, Toyo University founded the International Association for Inoue Enryo Research to study the multifaceted achievements of Inoue Enryo from a global perspective. 


The Purpose of the International Association for Inoue Enryo Research is to promote research on the life and philosophy of Inoue Enryo, his historical background, and other related issues. The multifaceted achievements of Inoue Enryo shall be elucidated and research exchange among members facilitated. 

The date of foundation:

September 15, 2012



YOSHIDA Yoshikazu

Vice President:

MIURA Setsuo


ASAKURA Koichi, William BODIFORD, IWAI Shogo, KAWAGUCHI Hideo, KIM Youngjin, Gereon KOPF, KURODA Akinobu,  OKUMA Hirokazu, , Rainer SCHULZER, SHIBATA Takayuki, UCHIDA Yoshio, WANG Qing