Special Interview -Episode1009

Mr Amandeep Jindal
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

Mr Amandeep Jindal, a doctoral student of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, visited the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre to carry out his Ph.D work with BNERC researchers.

[ Professor Toru Maekawa and Mr Amandeep Jindal ]

Please introduce yourself and your university.

My name is Amandeep Jindal. I joined IIT Delhi as MS (research) student and converted it to PhD. I am a PhD research scholar in the field of chemical engineering at IIT Delhi under the supervision of Prof Suddhasatwa Basu. I am in my final year. I did my B Tech from NIT Warangal (institute of national importance) in chemical engineering. Apart from research, I love understanding different cultures and different people from different countries. I have interest in music and cricket as well.

IIT Delhi is the most premier institute of India and is known worldwide. It is public institute of higher education and is of national importance. It gives out pool of excellent engineers and research every year who are renowned worldwide.

What is your recent research topic?

I am working on design and fabrication micro fuel cells which acts as a small scale power source device with the vision to replace lithium ion batteries. I am also working on non-platinum catalysts which is used in fuel cells with the aim to make fuel cells a commercially viable solution to depleting resources.

What inspired you to become a scientist?

My mother is my inspiration who is a scientist herself. She did her PhD from University of Reading, UK under Commonwealth scholarship. I have grown up watching her working hard and reading her papers in different journals. I also owe my inspiration to pursue PhD to the project I underwent during my B Tech. I underwent a research project at NCL Pune for 3 months where I worked on electrospinning. That project helped me develop love for research which grew more and more as I kept going deep and deep into research. My present supervisor encouraged me to convert my MS to PhD by his constant support and I don’t regret the decision.

This is the second time for you to come to the BNERC for research. What do you think about the BNERC and Japan?

Japan is an excellent place to visit and stay. The culture all around me was so amazing to observe and understand. The people here are so helping and amazing. The best thing I used to enjoy when not carrying out research was to just get down at some random station and walk around, observe people around. I have really enjoyed it. The genuineness of the people in anything they do, be it is their work, part-time job, sport or anything is something that adores me. I am not so good in Japanese and I am a vegetarian. But I never felt these as hurdles as it was so easy to adjust myself, thanks to the amazing environment I got there.

BNERC is an excellent centre where any new idea is always encouraged, well-nourished, worked upon and developed into something huge. It has world class facility at a single place to make sure that lack of resources is never a hindrance in research. But any facility is run with the people. The cooperation and love that exists among everyone is simply amazing. It is the best center I have seen ever and will always want to come back.

I will really love to thank Sakthi sir who always have been a huge support for whatever success and failure I faced. He always stood behind me rock solid. I also would thank Maekawa sensei for this amazing center. My heartlfelt gratitude to Ukai sensei and Neha san for helping me throughout my research, without them nothing would have been possible. Thanks to Sheikh san and Aby san for helping me a lot, especially in my first visit. Apart from them, all the other people, were so helping and made sure that I always felt at home. I made some very good friends here and carried loads of memories with me back to India.

What are you dreams and goals regarding future research?

I want to keep working hard in research so that I can do my bit to make a better society. I will look forward for post-doc or jobs in R & D where I get some good exciting research to work on. Even I want to give a proper shape to my present research because if we are able to replace Li ion batteries at some level, it will be a huge environment boon.



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