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The Centre has introduced state-of-the-art facilities and equipment following intermediate- and long-term strategies. Both nanotechnology rooms (Class: 100, 1000 and 10000) and biotechnology clean rooms (P1 and P2) are installed in the original building: Alpha, whereas transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) and all sorts of spectroscopic analysers are installed in the Bio-Nano Annex: Beta.

All of the facilities and equipment are open to any researchers and institutions as long as the aim is to conduct advanced research.

Please take a look at the brochure or contact us for more details on our cutting-edge facilities.

Flow chart for utilisation of facilities and equipment

BNERC facilities and equipment 2018 (English/Japanese) [PDF file / 25.26MB]

List of BNECR facilities and equipment [PD file / 1.47MB]

List of charges of facilities and equipment [PDF file / 31KB]


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                                      Tel : +81 49 239 1375
                                      Fax : +81 49 234 2502
                                      e-mail: bnel@toyo.jp

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