What is the Research Center for Biomedical Engineering?

An Approach toward the Serious Social Problem of “Heatstroke Countermeasures” that Concentrates the Wisdom of Toyo University

In 2010, the Research Center for Biomedical Engineering was chosen as part of the Private University Strategic Research Initiative, and it began a five-year plan focused on the neuroscience area of the “visualization of stress”. In response to this initiative, a research project focused on “heat stress” was started in 2016 to address the serious heat problems being suffered around the world. The Research Center for Biomedical Engineering, under a new system, includes research experts from molecular biology, cellular biology, animal physiology, brain and neuroscience, cardiovascular physiology, thermofluid engineering, ergonomics, and food science, all of whom will contribute to this empirical research into coping with heat stress.