Message from the Center Director

Message from Yuji Shimada, Director of Toyo University Practical Education Center

“Aiming to offer practical education opportunities to be the core of the industry-government-academia partnership”

Toyo University has been undertaking a key role as a bridge between the manufacturing industry and its educational research since the foundation of the Faculty of Engineering (reorganized to Faculty of Science and Engineering in April 2009) to enhance the industry-academia partnership.

Toyo University was adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the following projects:

  • “Collaborative industry-academia-government Project for the Human Resources development” in 2006
  • “Project for establishing the system of the long-term practical training for acquiring high skilled human resources for small and medium-sized businesses” in 2008
  • “Project for acquiring and developing human resources in the manufacturing industry” in 2009.

Through involvement in these projects, Toyo University has been striving to establish the system and foundation to develop human resources for the manufacturing industry, thus eventually establishing the “Practical Education Center” under the support from the local businesses and public organizations in April 2009.

Our focus has always been on the development of human resources and its educational programs for the engineers & managers of the local businesses and students in the Saitama region. Our regionally-oriented education on technologies offered for those people (including practical educational programs such as internships) has been contributing much to the human resources development in the region.

Our current roles include:

  • Acting as the window representing the “Faculty of Science and Engineering” and the “Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts” for collaborative industry-academia education
  • Offering opportunities for students and businesses to meet (including long-term internships)
  • Offering reorientation for businesspersons (including leaders in the mechatronics, information processing and manufacturing industries)
  • Offering opportunities for the faculty members and businesses to meet
  • Acquiring grants-in-aid for public projects from the Japanese government and Saitama prefecture

Undertaking these roles, we will further step forward to offer more prescient education opportunities as the base for expediting development of industry-government-academia partnerships. Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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