COVID-19 Vaccination at Toyo University

#6:The implementation of COVID-19 vaccination at Toyo University

DATE : August 13, 2021

Toyo University will start the COVID-19 vaccine occupational vaccination.
Vaccination sites will be located at the Hakusan Campus and Kawagoe Campus.
Those who wish to be vaccinated need to apply through the reservation website.

Vaccination appointment start date: Friday, August 20, 2021, 2:00 p.m.

How to make a reservation:
Toyo University will send information about the reservation website to those who are eligible by e-mail.
We will send e-mail in the morning of Friday, August 20.

Vaccination period:
Hakusan Campus
1st session: September 2 (Thu) - September 20 (Mon), 2nd session: September 30 (Thu) - October 18 (Mon)
Kawagoe Campus
1st session: September 2 (Thu) - September 8 (Wed), 2nd session: September 30 (Thu) - October 6 (Wed)

*The program will not be held on Saturdays and Sundays.

We have been informed by the relevant organizations that COVID-19 vaccine delivery is expected to resume in early August or later.
We have reviewed our plan to implement the COVID-19 vaccine occupational vaccination and have again applied for a plan to implement it in mid-August.
We apologize to everyone for the delay from our original plan.

Our plan will be scaled down as vaccinations are underway in local governments.
Details of the new plan will be provided once the application has been approved.

If you have received a Vaccination Ticket from your local government, you can make your own appointment and get vaccinated at location designated by local government.
If you wish to receive the vaccine earlier, we recommend that you make an appointment as soon as you receive the Vaccination Ticket from your local government.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has informed us that the vaccine is currently expected to be delivered in early August or later.
Therefore, it was decided to revise the plan for the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination at the Toyo University.

We aim to start in mid-August, and we will announce the specific start date and reservation method after coordinating with the relevant organizations.

As announced in the first and second informations, we are currently applying for the start of occupational vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine at Toyo University in mid-July.

We are making preparations, and vaccination appointments will be scheduled to open in early July.
Details on how to make reservations and the specific schedule will be announced on the website at a later date.

The application to the relevant authorities to provide COVID-19 vaccination at Toyo University has been completed.

We are currently awaiting a response to our application for the COVID-19 vaccine, and once we have confirmation, we will send out information regarding appointments for vaccination, etc.

We are preparing for the start of vaccination in mid-July, and will announce the details on our website as soon as they are decided.

In line with the government's policy, Toyo University has begun to consider the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination for students, faculty and staff.

We will announce the details of the vaccination schedule and method as soon as they are decided.

In order to determine the number of people to be vaccinated at our university, we will conduct a survey of students' intentions.
Please check "ToyoNet-ACE" for details.

【Matters for consideration】
・Start Date : Around mid-July,2021
・Target Group: Students, faculty and staff of Toyo University
・Location: Toyo University campuses
・Vaccine Type: manufactured by Moderna

This vaccination will be given to those who wish to be vaccinated.
We don't force people to get vaccinated.