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News list

2020-01-23 THU
"Diversification of Student Mobility and the Role of UMAP" Written by Shingo Ashizawa, Deputy Secretary General, UMAP International Secretariat / Professor, Toyo University
2019-12-06 FRI
"Toyo University Illumination 2019" Light Up Ceremony Announcement
2019-11-21 THU
Agreement Signing Ceremony between Uzbekistan State University of World Languages and Toyo University was held
2019-11-18 MON
ISAS (2.0) Learning Badge Awarded to Toyo University
International Exchange 2019-10-02 WED
Second Japanese Presentation Contest to Be Held!
2019-07-15 MON
Short Program 2019 (Inha University)
2019-07-10 WED
Expert panel members visited the university as part of our efforts toward receiving ISAS 2.0.
International Exchange 2019-07-05 FRI
Special Lecture: “Curriculum Internationalization and Organizational Strategy” held.
2019-06-18 TUE
Short Program 2019 (The Open University of Hong Kong / California State University)
International Exchange 2019-06-18 TUE
Toyo University Speech & Presentation Contest 2019
2019-06-07 FRI
Special Symposium on Internationalization will be held on July 3rd.
2019-05-27 MON
Visit by Students from San Jose-Recoletos Junior & Senior High School and Toyo University Ushiku Senior High School to the Hakusan Campus
2019-05-17 FRI
Short Program2019: Northwest University
International Exchange 2019-04-23 TUE
2019 Spring Toyo University Study Abroad Fair
International Exchange 2019-04-23 TUE
Toyo Study Abroad Photo Contest 2019 Spring
2019-04-10 WED
Member from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) visited Toyo University
2019-03-25 MON
TGL GOLD Certification Awarded at the AY2018 Toyo University Graduation Ceremony
2019-03-12 TUE
[I-Turn Employment Promotion Program]A Debrief Session of Internship Tours of 2018
2019-03-05 TUE
Delegation from CSUDH Visits Toyo University
2019-03-01 FRI
Toyo University presents our career supports for international students at the JETRO seminar
2019-03-01 FRI
Toyo University Participates in Roundtable Meeting about Korean 3+1 Program
2019-02-27 WED
International joint seminar: “Higher Education in Asia and IPPM” (March 6th, 2019 )
2019-02-21 THU
The Toyo Winter Program (TWP) 2019
2019-02-20 WED
Short Program for Sias International University [January 12-17, 2019]
2019-02-18 MON
Short Programs for Daegu University and Inha University [January 14-27, 2019]
2019-02-05 TUE
One-Day Elementary School Volunteer Program
2019-02-01 FRI
[I-Turn Employment Promotion Program]A Debrief Session of Internship Tours of 2018 will be held on March 12, 2019
2019-01-28 MON
The Fifth Toyo Global Leader Program TGL Silver Certification Ceremony
2019-01-28 MON
Monthly Newsletter from Career Development Office
2019-01-26 SAT
[I-Turn Employment Promotion Program] The Outstanding Performance Awards ceremony