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Regarding the Special Learning Grant

Toyo University has been offering online classes since April 27. In order for students to arrange and maintain the necessary learning environment to participate in online classes, the University has announced that a Special Learning Grant of 50,000 JPY is to be provided to all students (excluding students in the Corresponding Courses) (▶ link here).
You can take following procedures from June 1 (at 11:00 am).

Please find the details of the Grant below:

1. Eligible students

All students who are enrolled at Toyo University as of April 1, 2020 (excluding correspondence course students) are eligible to receive the Grant with the following exceptions.

- Degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students ineligible for the Grant:
1. Those whose leave of absence was accepted before April 30, 2020
2. Those who requested to withdraw from Toyo University before May 31, 2020

- Non-degree-seeking students ineligible for the Grant:
3. Those who are not registered for any courses for spring semester 2020

2. Procedure

1) Register your Japanese bank account information on ToyoNet-G (Go to the page “Student Bank Account Update” in the menu). The bank account must be under student’s name.
2) The University will check and import the information registered to our database system.
3) Once your information is imported, a confirmation email will be sent to your Toyo email address.
4) Your Grant (50,000 JPY) will be delivered to your bank account according to the schedule below:


Date of receiving the confirmation email

Expected date of bank transfer
(Allow some flexibility)


Before June 9

June 19


Before June 16

June 26


Before June 23

July 3


Before June 30

July 9


Before July 11

July 27


  1. If you are using a nickname at Toyo, it can be different from the name on your bank account (legal name).
  2. You will be requested to upload a picture that shows 1) the name of your bank, 2) the branch name, 3) the name of the holder of the account (in katakana), 4) either your bankbook that indicates your account number (hardcopy or online bankbook) or your bankcard.
  3. If you wish to use Japan Post Bank to receive the Grant and your branch name (branch number) and/or account number are not printed on your bankbook, please go to one of their branches and get them printed in advance.
  4. If you are currently staying outside Japan and do not have a Japanese bank account, a different schedule from above will apply. Please wait for another email with instructions.
  5. Your bank account information will be used solely for provision of the Grant and other related matters. It will be treated with the maximum level of caution and only limited staff will have access to it.
  6. If a large number of students registers for the first delivery, it could take some time for the Grant to be delivered to your account. As we are dealing with 30,000+ cases, please kindly allow some flexibility in terms of the timing of the bank transfer.
  7. An announcement regarding this Grant will be posted on ToyoNet-G and sent via Toyo’s email. To prevent our online server from becoming overloaded, the email will not be sent to all students at once, but to different groups of students at different times sequentially. We appreciate your patience.


The manual will be uploaded on ToyoNet-G. Go to the top page “各種資料/Resources” in the menu.


If you have any inquiries regarding the procedure, please go to the following form (Please do not contact us by email or phone).

Inquiry form (Please click here)

  • You need to be logged into your Toyo’s email account.
  • Administrative offices are now busy dealing with coronavirus issues, so please allow 2-3 business days until you hear back from us.
  • We kindly ask that you carefully read the manual for bank account registration and the procedure of applying for and receiving the Grant.
  • You will receive a response to your inquiry in your Toyo email account.
  • For inquiries that are not related to the Grant and procedure for receiving it, please contact the relevant office(s) indicated on the University’s website.