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【For Students】Thorough prevention of the spread of the infection

July 20, 2020
President, Toyo University
Etsuko Yaguchi

I am very distressed that students are continuing to study and engage in activities in a different and challenging environment than in previous years, while understanding the "Principles of Action after the Lifting of the State of Emergency at Toyo University".

As is clear from the news reports and other reports, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is increasing across the country.
Our individual efforts to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection will have a significant impact on the future of education, including classes in the fall semester, as well as on the rise and fall of the number of infected people in the country as a whole.

In addition to practicing the new lifestyle, I urge you to live your daily life by ensuring the following points.

The important thing is to make sure you don't get yourself infected with the virus, and don’t pass the virus to people.

  • Take daily measures to prevent infection (washing hands, gargling, wearing masks, cough etiquette, etc.).
  • Consciously Avoid the "Three Cs" .
    1.Closed spaces with poor ventilation.
    2.Crowded places with many people nearby.
    3.Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations.
  • Refrain from activities with a high risk of infection (e.g., do not go to places where infection control measures are not in place, avoid joint party, etc.).
  • If you have a job or part-time job with a high risk of infection, use extra caution.
  • Check the information sent out by the government and municipalities and act in a moderate manner.