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Measures to entry into the campuses

*Updated on April 1, 2022

Toyo University is ready to reopen all of our campuses, taking into consideration the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff, and local residents from the perspective of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

When entering each campus, please make sure you do not have a fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher) and wear a mask.
We ask you to wear a mask, wash your hands and disinfect your hands and fingers with alcohol. Additionally, if you are not feeling well, regardless of whether or not you have a fever, please refrain from entering our campuses. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

1.People who can enter the campus

・Students, Faculty Members and the people involved our university
As a general rule, please present your ID card at the entrance of campus.

・Parents of current students who wish to tour the facilities
To prevent infection, please refrain from coming campus.

・Graduates and Post-graduates
To prevent infection, please refrain from coming campus.
If you need a various certificates, have a look at website.

・Visitors from companies that do business with our university, or those who are visiting for research
Please enter the campus only when approved by the campus officials.

2.Campus entrance locations

Hakusan Campus

Main Gate ("Hosui no Mori":Only for leaving the campus), Building 8 Gate, West Gate (Building 6) and South Gate (Building 4)
・The South Gate (Building 4) will not be available for leaving the campus after 17:00.
・The Keihoku Gate (Building 10) will be closed all day.

Students who commute from the Sugamo area will be asked to use the West Gate and Sengoku Station in order to reduce congestion.
Please refer to the details on the commuting route.

Akabanedai Campus

・Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design/Graduate School of Information Networking for Innovation and Design

Main Gate on the INIAD-HUB1

・Faculty of Human Life Design/Graduate School of Human Life Design

WELLB Gate on the WELLB HUB-2

Kawagoe Campus

・Gates available for entering/leaving the campus:New West Gate and South Gate Only
・Hours available for entering the campus:Weekdays 8:00-17:00/Saturdays 8:00-14:00
・Hours available for leaving the campus:Weekdays & Saturdays 19:00

Itakura Campus

Main Gate, South Gate, East Gate and North Gate

Please enter each building (excluding Building 5) via the automatic door of Building 1 and then by going through the piloti. You are permitted to directly enter Building 5. When leaving the campus, please go through Building 1 or Building 5.

Sports Center

Main Gate

Otemachi Satellite

【Students who are permitted to enter the campus】

・Those attending lectures and seminars; and
・Those working on thesis writing and research activities.


・Graduates who work on research activities at the Research Center for Public/Private Partnership upon prior approval; and
・External related persons who visit for business purposes upon prior approval.

When entering the campus, everyone will be checked with regard to wearing a mask (own mask required) and will be required to check their body temperature and disinfect their hands and fingers.

Contact for Inquiries

Please click here for more details.