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University response to the novel coronavirus

[To Toyo students, faculty and staff] Handling of the novel coronavirus outbreak

[To Toyo students]The schedule for the Spring Semester AY2020 has changed

◆To All Undergraduate Students

・Classes for the spring semester AY2020 begin on April 27.
But, the university has decided to offer remote classes using the Internet until the end of the spring semester.
    ⇒ Link▶ To Students (Notice and Request)
・When you finish registering for a class, you will be able to check the details of each class on "ToyoNet-ACE".
    ⇒ Link▶ "ToyoNet-ACE"

・Information about registration for spring semester classes can be found on "ToyNet-G".
・You can check the "ToyoNet-G" for information on procedures for advancement and pre-course guidance.
    ⇒Link▶ "ToyoNet-G"

・The university has decided to postpone the physical exam to August or September, AY2020. We will inform you of the specific schedule once it has been decided.

・Toyo University  has decided to cancel or postpone events and extracurricular activities until the end of the Spring Semester. 


◆To New Undergraduate Students

・Enrollment procedure ( for new students) will send by post.
・A variety of information for new Undergraduate students will be posted on the website.
    ⇒Link▶ 〔New undergraduate students〕 To all students who enter Toyo University in April,2020.(Website for new undergraduate students)


◆To all graduate students

・Information about all graduate students will be posted on the Graduate School's website.
    ⇒Link▶ To all graduate students(Graduate School's website)