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The Fourth Ceremony Awarding TGL Silvers

The Fourth Toyo Global Leader Program TGL Silver Certification Ceremony

On August 4, 2018, the Fourth Toyo Global Leader Program TGL Silver Certification Ceremony was held at the 125 Commemorative Hall on Hakusan Campus.



1 Before awarding the certificates, President Makio Takemura greeted the attendees and described the qualities required of people aspiring to become global leaders, namely: basic and specialized academic skills; basic professional skills such as being able to identify problems, leadership, and teamwork skills; foreign language skills; communication skills; intercultural understanding and utilization of such understanding (which enables students to accept diverse cultural differences, respond to them flexibly, and create new value and cultures by integrating the strengths of different cultures); and understanding of one’s own culture and the ability to communicate it effectively (which allows students to deeply understand their own countries’ traditions and cultures and explain their significance to people from different backgrounds). President Takemura then congratulated the awardees and talked about the high expectations he had for them.


At the awarding ceremony, 97 students were certified as TGL Silvers and awarded certificates and certification badges. Ms. Yu Kanatani, a third year student at the Department of Regional Development Studies (Regional Studies Course) in the Faculty of Regional Development Studies, gave a speech on behalf of all the awardees.

Ms. Kanatani talked about how seeing a series of students ahead of her going off overseas made her interested in becoming a globally competent professional who can play an active role on the international stage. Much as she wanted to go overseas herself, she struggled with English. She studied English diligently for TOEIC tests but her scores plateaued at around the 400 mark. She spent days desperately trying to find a way forward. During that time, she had a chance to join a short study abroad program touring Malaysia and Thailand in South East Asia. During the trip, she often got frustrated with her poor English communication skills and decided to study English harder. She eventually went to Britain to study the language at one of the University’s partner institutions through its language study abroad program.

She was also chosen as a member of the 10th Generation of NIHONGO Partners to Indonesia, and from this fall she is to represent Japan and work at a local school in Indonesia for seven months as a Japanese-language teaching assistant. She concluded her speech by saying that, after completing the stint in Indonesia, she hopes to obtain the TGL Gold certificate.

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About the Toyo Global Leader (TGL) Program

In 2014, Toyo University was selected as a Type B (Global Traction Type) University under the Top Global University Project carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), through which MEXT provides the selected universities with prioritized support for the promotion of internalization. Supported by this project, Toyo University is striving to step up its globalization and organizational reform efforts under the concept “TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS: Becoming an Asian hub university for global leaders.”

The Toyo Global Leader Program aims to help Toyo University students become globally competent talents who can play important roles in and outside of Japan by reinforcing three elements: English language skills that enable effective communication in an intercultural environment; the ability to create cultural value; and the ability to solve problems in an intercultural environment. In line with these objectives, specific requirements for certification are defined for each rank of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Students who meet the requirements of any one of the ranks will be certified as Toyo Global Leaders.