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Itakura Homestay Program for International Students

We had the Itakura Home Stay event on July 14 ~ 16 in Gunma Prefecture. 
International students received a warm welcome from the people at Itakura and Toyo students at Itakura campus. It was very productive and enjoyable to exchange greetings with the students from different campuses who usually did not have much interaction with each other. 
Students were also invited to Tea ceremony, Buddhist sermon at Kezou-in (花蔵院), and the special party hosted by the Itakura International Association where students enjoyed Mochi-tsuki (餅つき) and Wa-Daiko (和太鼓).
We have received messages such as “a student loves Japan, and we had a very fruitful conversation!” from a host family, “I was so grateful to feel the warmth of my host family” from a student, and many others flooded with memories from host families and students.
We are truly thankful for the kindness and the generous hospitality of the people in Itakura.