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Lake Biwa Fieldwork 

Fieldwork to learn about the history and current status of water conservation around Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa is known as the largest lake in Japan. Along with the progress of urbanization and industrialization and changes in the social structure, the relationship between people, Lake Biwa and the surrounding environment have changed.

Let's visit Lake Biwa to conduct a field survey and learn about the relationship between regional development, water resources and environmental conservation! (As we expect foreign students to participate, we plan to use English as the main language.)


【Number of participants】 20

*If there are many participants, there is a possibility that they will be selected based on the reason for applying and their English ability. 

【Subjects】 All faculties

【Date】 Wednesday, February 2, 2022 - Friday, February 4

* Pre-study will be held on Friday, January 14, 2022.

* Faculty of Global and Regional Studies students only: Two credits will be awarded for 「国際地域学研修」 (RDS) or 「Service Learning II」(GINOS) by participating in both this fieldwork and the Toyo Model United Nations on March 19 and 20th (including pre-and post-training for Toyo Model United Nations).

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