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2019 Spring Toyo University Study Abroad Fair

On April 20 (Sat.) and April 22 (Mon.), 2019, we held the 2019 Spring Toyo University Study Abroad Fair under the auspices of the Center for Global Education and Exchange. 
The Study Abroad Fair is a large semiannual event that provides Toyo University students with information on studying abroad. In addition to the Center for Global Education and Exchange, international students, students who study abroad, and external organizations and companies that provide support for studying abroad, participated in the fair.     

In the spring semester of 2019, the Study Abroad Fair was held in two parts:
the First Part on Saturday April 20, and the Second Part on Monday April 22. 

First Part
Date: Saturday, April 20, 2019, 10:00-15:00
Venue: Arena (1st basement floor, Hakusan Campus Building 4)

In the First Part of the Study Abroad Fair, in order to provide Toyo University students with information on studying abroad, we set up a section where our students who have experienced various study abroad programs played a major role in introducing the programs, as well as a consultation section for study abroad programs conducted by external organizations and companies that provide support for studying abroad.         
In addition, so that students could enjoy the event, we conducted a stamp rally and set up an on-site ECZ (English Community Zone) section and Café section.  
Moreover, we held a “Study Abroad Photo Contest” for the first time, which was very lively with participation from 450 students. 

In the study abroad consultation section, advice was mainly provided by students who actually participated in study abroad programs rather than staff from the Center for Global Education and Exchange.
They prepared materials to be used during consultation beforehand and earnestly dealt with students who sought consultation while showing them photos from their own time studying abroad.
Students who visited the fair seemed to increase their willingness to participate in study abroad programs after hearing opinions directly from those who had already experienced them.

In the on-site ECZ section, actual ECZ staff and international students studying at Toyo University played an active role. They were able to enjoy conversation introducing their home countries and universities, and also enjoyed playing games in English. 
In the Café section, participants who attended the stamp rally were able to win prizes according to the number of stamps collected. Participants seemed to enjoy the Study Abroad Fair not only as an opportunity to collect information on studying abroad, but also through engaging in conversation with many other students in English.   

We set up an activity report section and asked students in the Department of Sociocultural Studies, Faculty of Sociology, who are operating “Smile F Laos,” an organization engaged in the sale of fair trade coffee produced in Laos, to make a presentation about their activities and fair trade coffee.   

We held a Study Abroad Photo Contest at the Study Abroad Fair for the first time as well.
We collected photos in advance in accordance with the themes of students who are currently in study abroad programs and who returned this spring, as well as international students studying at Toyo University, and asked visitors to vote for their favorite ones.  

For the details and results of the Study Abroad Photo Contest, please click here.

Second Part

Date: Monday, April 22, 2019, 14:45-18:00
Venue: Inoue Enryo Hall (Hakusan Campus Building 5)

In the Second Part of the Study Abroad Fair, we held an on-campus extension program, tying up with
Invitation to Study Abroad,” a class provided in the 4th and 5th Periods.
We invited relevant persons from foreign embassies and educational organizations to deliver lectures on the study abroad status of their own countries. For the 4th Period, we invited lecturers from Education USA, the Institut Francais du Japon (Tokyo), and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); and for the 5th Period, invited lecturers from the Embassy of Canada to Japan, the Australian Embassy, and the Taiwan Education Center.
A total of 305 students and 234 students participated in the 4th Period and 5th Period, respectively.

Lecturers talked not only about their own countries’ study abroad status, but also about their personal experiences with studying abroad; the lectures were very entertaining. 

We sincerely hope that the students who attended the Study Abroad Fair on this occasion will participate in the study abroad programs in which they are interested and play an active role as excellent global leaders in the future!  

The next Study Abroad Fair is scheduled to be held in early October 2019.