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Toyo University releases a promotional video “Toyo U x To You”

Speedy shots taken by a micro drones and cinema-like images that are synchronized with a newly written piece of music, express the University that is changing globally


Toyo University has created a promotional video “Toyo U x To You” aimed at spreading the university's research capabilities, education, and student life of international students, which has been posted on YouTube since July 8, 2021.


This video was created in order to convey the sense of dynamics, internationality, and diversity of Toyo University, which has been rapidly globalizing in recent years, through the adoption of multiple subsidy programs by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, such as "Top Global University Project" and "Employment Promotion Program for International Students".

『Toyo U x To You』



■Video Concept ■

“Toyo U to You” follows an international student, who experiences the heritage, dynamism, and promise of Toyo University while exploring its campuses. She is quickly enchanted by the images of student life and educational opportunities at Toyo and meets her future self—a thriving and confident Toyo student--along the way.

Toyo’s story was started by the University’s founder Enryo Inoue, whose accomplishments are referenced in the early museum-set stages of the video. At the moment the student clicks the shutter on a photograph of the statue of Enryo Inoue, the video becomes a flight of imagination. Shot by a microdrone, the video soars around campus, over structures, down hallways, and through windows at dizzying speeds, conveying the electricity of meeting new and exciting people, discovering your potential, and imagining your future.

The accompanying music, “PASS” by Japanese rock band TESLA Doesn’t Know How to Cry, expresses the vividness, internationality and diversity of Toyo with music and lyrics.
“Toyo U to You” shows Toyo University as it has never been seen before.


As a supplement to “Toyo U to You”, we have produced and released two additional videos, 'Research, Education and Student Life at Toyo University' and ‘Study Abroad at Toyo University’. Featuring the voices of Toyo’s students and professors, these videos highlight the groundbreaking research at Toyo and what life is like for international students.


This series of videos was directed by Mr. Takahashi Kent of Dadab, who produces PVs for many musicians and television commercials for companies such as Seiko and Yamaha Electron.


■Links to the videos

PR Video “Toyo U to You” (the main video)



'Research, Education and Student Life at Toyo University' (version for degree-seeking students)

https://youtu.be/0quTQOJJGzI (English version)

https://youtu.be/AyMqOwGsU3MChinese version


Study Abroad at Toyo University (version for exchange students)

https://youtu.be/-8Gi6cTACv4Japanese version

https://youtu.be/zL5cdo1KUrYEnglish version


■New song "PASS" concept (by Mr. Manabu Murakami, "TESLA doesn't know how to cry." )

I composed the song for this video with the lyrics "We don't need a password" with the idea that we can move beyond having to prove that we’re a member of a particular group. We’re just people.
In my case, it took a little courage for me to go to Tokyo from the countryside even though it’s within my own country. This feeling will be more if it's overseas. However, people are different from each other originally, and at the same time they are all the same human beings. We don't have to be timid. I hope that someday we have a great world like in this video.


■Comment from the leading actress, Ms. Vlada

It was only for a short time, but when I actually went to Toyo and talked with people from the University, I realized Toyo has both a wonderful natural environment and learning environment. I was happy that I could feel like a student by imagining the campus life of the students during this shoot.I am honestly envious of the students who can learn in such a wonderful environment!



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