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A Request Concerning Student Life in the Spring Semester

April 16, 2021

Vice President and Director in Charge of Student Support
Kazuhiro Hayakawa

It has been almost 2 weeks since classes in the academic year 2021 started.
In the last academic year, all classes in the spring semester were conducted online, and Toyo’s campuses were empty. Although there are some restrictions, such as dates when students may be on campus, faculty and staff members are very happy that we could welcome you to Toyo University this semester, and the campuses seem to have come back to life with the coming of spring.

At each campus we have tried to provide as many in-person classes as possible while taking infection-control measures. The method of implementation depends on the campus situation and the type of class, so please check "ToyoNet-ACE" or "ToyoNet-G" for details. If you have concerns about attending an in-person class, you can submit a notification for each course through ToyoNet-ACE, as explained in "ToyoNet-G" (※ 1). Also, please see Medical Office News for information on how to contact the university if you feel sick, or have a fever. Please be sure to contact us in order to help prevent the spread of infection.
(※ 1: Search "Notice Regarding in-person class on campus's Non-face-to-face Training" from ToyoNet-G student top page)

Please also access the following sites for information on student life and online classes in Toyo University.

Although the 2021 academic year has just begun, the current trend in cases of infection makes it difficult to be optimistic, and measures have been implmented by the governemnt to prevent the further spread of the disease.

As you know, the risk of infection increases in the following five situations:
1. Social gatherings, etc. involving drinking
2. Food and drinks for a large number of people or for a long time
3. Conversation without a mask
4. Living together in a small space
5. Changes in location

(From Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 11 lessons on the current state of coronavirus infectious disease" (As of June 2021)[PDF-File])

Until the year before last, we were able to hold fun events such as welcome parties for new students and seminar social gatherings during this period in the academic year, but these events fall under categories 1 and 2.

We understand from the bottom of our hearts that you would like to gather with your friends and classmates, but we would like you to adhere to a principle of "I won't attend. I won't invite." for social gatherings and dinner parties that involve drinking alcohol.

I would like to ask for your further cooperation so that we may continue face-to-face learning.