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Message from Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs

August 4, 2020


Kazuhiro Hayakawa, Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs


To all students of Toyo University, thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation concerning the measures implemented by the university in the spring semester.

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, we faced unexpected issues in the spring semester for academic year 2020. Although experiments, practicums and some other lectures are ongoing at some of the faculties, many of you are now on summer vacation.

Those who were newly enrolled in the university this spring might feel embarrassed, not being able to enjoy campus life and get hands-on experience as university students. Those in their second and third years might feel frustrated, having restrictions imposed on their club and other extracurricular activities. Fourth-year students may be facing difficulties, as they must conduct job hunting activities in a manner that is quite different than normal. Moreover, I think all students had a hard time getting accustomed to attending non-face-to-face (online) classes.

In view of the current national situation concerning the COVID-19, I am afraid that it will be difficult for you to return to normal campus life in the fall semester. As we have already announced on the university’s website, we are making preparations to provide face-to-face classes to students for part of the curriculum in the fall semester based on the precondition that we implement sufficient measures to prevent the spread of the virus. These classes will be given in “hybrid style,” so that students who cannot attend offline classes will be able to attend them online. You therefore do not need to move close to the university quickly in time for the fall semester or attend face-to-face classes if you feel uneasy about doing so in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

Although we plan to provide some classes offline in the fall semester, which starts on Friday, September 18, all classes may ultimately be given online, depending upon the virus situation on the day on which classes start. The measures taken by each of you to prevent the spread of infection will help to protect your and your families lives and health and will also have a great impact on how classes will be held in the fall semester. Please avoid the 3Cs (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings), refrain from having dinners or parties with your friends and others, and do not go out unless it is truly necessary. Please continue making all possible efforts to prevent infection and further spread of the virus.

However, risks cannot be completely eliminated even with your best efforts. The university therefore recommends that you take your temperature and record it daily, and also use the COVID-19 Contact Confirming Application (COCOA). If you become infected by the COVID-19 or if it is revealed that you have been in close contact with someone who is infected, please inform us by sending an email to "mltaisaku(at)toyo.jp"please replace (at) with @ when you input the email addressso the university can monitor your health.

During summer vacation, you usually return to your hometown to spend time with your family, old friends, traveling with them, maybe doing a part-time job, or going to a training camp as part of your seminar, club or other activities. Unfortunately, this year you cannot do these kinds of activities to enjoy your summer holidays as university students; and students who live alone as well as first-year students who are still unable to build ties with their classmates and upper-class students might feel more isolated than ever. In such a case, please consult with the university.

If you have physical or mental problems, feel uneasy, or become stressed, please consult with the Student Counselling Office, which you can contact by phone, email, Webex and other means (you will receive a reply from the office on and after August 17). You can also use the university’s 24-hour, 365-day Telephone Consultation (HealthMental Support 24) . Moreover, do not be afraid to contact faculty members at the university, many of whom are eager to build ties with you, via email and "ToyoNet-ACE".

All faculty members are making various preparations, believing that we can overcome the COVID-19 crisis and will be able to have enjoyable times with all of you at our campuses. Toward such a time, please stay healthy both physically and mentally during the summer vacation, and if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to consult with the university.