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Special Lecture from the Norwegian Ambassador

On October 19th, the Faculty of Law invited Her Excellency Ms. Inga M. W. Nyhamar the Ambassador of Norway to the university to deliver a second Special Lecture about Norwegian foreign policy as an opportunity for students to develop a global perspective. In a typical year, students travel to Norway for training in Peace Studies conducted in English. The aim of the training is to develop students with an international perspective, knowledge, and experience. However, this year once again the training was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19. In this situation, the special lecture was a valuable opportunity for students of Peace Studies and International Relations to learn in Japan about Norway’s policies relating to peacebuilding, dispute resolution, and overseas aid. An extended and lively question and answer session followed the Ambassador’s presentation. During this students asked a variety of questions, including about Norway’s relations with the European Union and China, how one can enter the diplomatic service, and what a normal working day is like for the Ambassador.