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  6. Toyo University Holds Its AY 2018 Peace Studies Program in Cooperation with the University of Tromsø

Toyo University Holds Its AY 2018 Peace Studies Program in Cooperation with the University of Tromsø

Six students participated in the University’s Peace Studies programme conducted in cooperation with the University of Tromsø, Norway from Feb. 4 (Mon.) to 28 (Thu.), 2019. The students attended a number of lectures on various topics related to Education, Development and Peace. The topics dealt with in this year’s programme were as follows:

● Peace Education - its purpose, practical application and evaluation
● Relationship between indigenous peoples and the nation state
● Stereotypes and prejudices in society
● Humiliation and dignity
● Gender relations in Scandinavia

The intensive courses comprised lectures given by Professor Vidar Vambheim and other colleagues from the University of Tromsø during the morning, and seminars by Dr. James Short, an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law, Toyo University in the afternoon. Over the days the programme was held, our students were able to strengthen their relationships with students at the University of Tromsø and with students who participated in this programme from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

One of the features of this programme was to learn about the lives of the Sami people, an indigenous ethnic group living in the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. During the last four days of the programme, the students visited the region of the Arctic where the Sami people live and experienced some aspects of life in the tundra. The places we visited in the region were as follows.

● The Cultural Centre for Northern Peoples
● The Sami television and radio stations
● The Sami Parliament of Norway
● A Sami high school
● The Sami University College

All of the students who participated in this programme listened intently to the lectures and seminars and engaged proactively in the activities. They all completed the programme successfully and will soon submit essays to the University of Tromsø. Following this they will receive a Certificate of Course Completion.