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2018 Faculty of International Tourism Management Speech Contest

On the 18th of October 2018, the Faculty of International Tourism Management’s English Speech Contest was held. It was our second English speech contest as a faculty, and this continuing event never fails to surprise us. This year ten entrants spanning first, second and third years competed together.


The speeches this year were all excellent and students were helped along the journey by their coaches, including Professors Turner, Nakai, Hamilton, Hardy and myself. The theme this year, in the line with the all-Toyo English speech contest, was:


“How will you build bridges in our globalized world? Explain how your studies & experiences will connect different people to each other.”


The ways that students approached the topic and the focus of the speeches were all different and based on students’ experiences. After much consideration, the judges (Hardy, Hamilton & Turner) decided the top three speeches from the ten, which were as follows:


  1. Masashi Shikanai (2nd year)  - Building Stones for 7 billion bridges
  2. Kaho Okada (2nd year) - Sustainable Tourism is Good for Tourists and the Earth
  3. Ayaka Endo (3rd year) - Interacting with Different People in the World through Sports




A very warm congratulation to the top three finalists, but particularly so to the winner, Masashi, who we all hope will do his best again when representing the Faculty of International Tourism Management on the 3rd November in the All-Toyo University English Speech Contest. Good luck to him. Lastly, a big thank you to the tourism office staff, Professor Watanabe for being a great Mc, the coaches, students for participating and the audience. I hope more students can be motivated to join this event next year.


Graham Robson  

Chairman of the Global Committee

Faculty of International Tourism Management, Toyo University.