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Borrowing, Renewing, Returning, and Reserving

  1. Borrowing Materials
  2. Returning Materials
  3. Reservations

1.Borrowing Materials

Borrower Item limit Borrowing period Renewals
Numbers in parentheses are limits for audio-visual materials Books Periodicals Audio-visual materials Length/times

Undergraduates (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students)

15(3) 2 weeks 1 week 2 weeks

One week at a time (up to twice)
*Periodicals may not be extended

Undergraduates (4th year students) 15(3) 4 weeks
Correspondence courses students 15(3) 4 weeks
Graduate students 30(3) 8 weeks
Faculty and administrative staff (including past-time faculty) 50(3) 12 weeks
non-matriculated students (undergraduate,correspondencecourse or graduate) 15(3) 2 weeks
Alumni 5(3) 4 weeks Unavailable

※ The borrowing item limits are for the total number of books, periodicals, and audio-visualmaterials.
Example : 8 books + 4 periodicals + 3 AV materials=15 items for undergraduates
※ Periodicals may not be checked out until one month has passed since the date of theacceptance stamp.
※ Newspapers, reference materials and some audio-visual materials may not be borrowed.

Renewing Materials

If nobody has reserved a book that you currently have checked out and it is not yet overdue, you may extend the due date for one week up to two times. This may be done at the service counter, through the automatic book circulation machine (ABC) or through OPAC. (Note that periodicals are not eligible for extension, regardless of whether they are bound or unbound.)
※ You need your login ID and password to apply for a extension through OPAC.
※ You may not extend materials during an overdue period, even if only one of your materials is overdue.

2.Returning Materials

You can return materials that you have checked out at any Toyo University library(excluding unbound periodicals, audio-visual materials and materials with supplements such as DVDs). Return them to the service counter or use the automatic book circulation machine (ABC). (Only at the service counter at the Hakusan Library.)
If the library is closed or you cannot come to the service counter in person, you may use a Book Return outside the library to return your materials. Materials that are returned via the Book Return while the library is closed will be treated as if they were returned on the last business day before closure. If you cannot return them to the library before the due date, you can also return them via post or delivery service. Ask at the service counter for more information.

During the entrance examination period, you are not allowed to enter the each campus and cannot return books. So, please return books to each library of Toyo University outside this period.

Overdue Penalties

Once you have passed your due date, you cannot check out or renew the due date on any other materials until you return the overdue materials.
Once you return them, you will also lose your borrowing privileges for the number of the days they were overdue.


By going through a procedure at OPAC or the counter, you can order of materials from other campuses and checking out materials.
You can make a reservation easily on OPAC about a general collection and reference books of Itakura preservation archive (only use in the library).
You can apply to order the periodical and the reference book (only use in the library) at the counter.

Reservation method

Intercampus Loans

Please make a reservation through OPAC about general collection and reference books of Itakura preservation archive (only use in the library).
A user ID and a password are necessary for reservation in OPAC.
Only the same number as the upper limit of the issue can be reserved.

You can apply to order of the magazine and other reference books at the counter.
After entering requirements in a "Mutual credits application form on campus", please bring it to the counter.
We also have an application form ready at the counter.

And audio-visual materials cannot be reserved.

The order material estimated arrival time

When ordering from other campuses, it usually arrived on the next day or the day after next on weekdays.

Receipt Library Estimated arrival time
(Only weekday)
Pick up counter
Hakusan Library 18:00 Basement 1st floor counter
Kawagoe Library 12:00 2nd floor Counter
Asaka Library 13:00 1st floor Counter
Itakura Library 15:30 1st floor Counter

Reservation of materials on rent

It is possible to make a reservation on rented materials and use materials with priority after being returned.

Confirmation of arrival of materials

When reserved materials are ready to be collected, we will send emails to the person who made the reservation (Undergraduate students, Graduate students, Correspondence courses students and Faculties), to subscriber's @toyo.jp.
For those who are not applicable to above, please check the "View your loans and holds" on OPAC login menu.

Materials which have been ordered and reserved will be kept at the counter for 7 days after it reaches the pick-up date (depends on opening calendar of the Library).
Materials which have passed a receipt due date is returned to the belonging library or to the next reserved person.