Attention on the Library Use

  1. Use manners
  2. Copy of Library material
  3. Overdue penalty
  4. Unjust carrying out of material
  5. Lost, Soiled, or Damaged Materials
  6. Sublet of student certificate and material

1.Use manners

Please refrain from the act by which the other users become troubled about eating and drinking inside of the building, smoking, chating and calingl.
But, you can drink beverages with caps, such as PET bottles or canteens (resealable containers only), inside the libraries (some areas are excluded). Please keep sealed beverages in your bag. Do not set them on library desks or tables.
The use environment that everybody's manners of the user are good is being made.

2.Copy of Library material

A copy is admitted by Library material based on the Copyright Act. Please obey the Copyright Act.
Library can copy only the material possessed and one person and one copy. The area where copying is possible is to half of each work.
The latest number of magazine and newspaper cannot be copied.

3.Overdue penalty

Please be sure to return the material which received a rent procedure by return date. You can assume that pass return date neither rent nor extension until overdue material is returned. The same period as the delay number of days, rent is terminated as penalty.

4.Unjust carrying out of material

When trying to take material outside the house without doing rent procedure, a warning rings. When a warning rang, we willl check the belongings.We will handle an unjust carrying out of material strictly.

5.Lost, Soiled, or Damaged Materials

If a library item becomes lost, soiled, or damaged while you are borrowing or using it, please note that you will be held financially responsible for the damage. If loss, soiling, or damage should occur, please inform the librarian at the service counter immediately.

Notification is entering the necessary one in following file and please have it to the counter.
We also preparing a form in the counter.

Material loss and damaged stain report

6.Sublet of student certificate and material

Sublet of student ID cards and material is a strict prohibition. When losing material as a result of the sublet, whatever kind of reason there is, we account for the person himself/herself who lent the name, and you will compensate for it.