About ISAS2.0

The ISAS2.0 isan advisory service provided by the IAU (International Association of Universities) concerning the internationalization of higher education institutions. Toyo University   has declared in the Toyo Global Diamonds (TGD) Project that "as part of external evaluation, we will participate in the ISAS program and obtain evaluation and recommendations   from external experts" (p.13). We have thus positioned the ISAS as a means of reviewing (and improving) the TGD project and enhancing its international effectiveness and have prepared for the successful completion of the ISAS program at the University.


Toyo University implemented three kinds of measures based on the IAU Guidelines: carrying out self-assessment wherein each working group checked and analyzed the progress of its internationalization initiatives and system related challenges; holding round table talks with Japanese and international students as well as faculty and staff members to obtain qualitative information about internationalization; and conducting a questionnaire survey on internationalization to obtain quantitative information about the project. The University compiled and analyzed the results of various self-assessment and cubmitted an "Achievement Report" to the IAU experts panel.

About one month after the Achievement Report was submitted, the expert panel visited Toyo University and interviewed people involved at the University. The expert panel draft the Final report base on the analysis of the Achievement Report and information collected through the interviews, and submitted the Final report to Toyo Uiversity.

In November 2019, an ISAS 2.0 Learning badge was awarded to Toyo University as a certification of the University's completion of the ISAS process in Puebla, Mexico.


ISAS2.0 Learning Badge

The badge accredits receptive universities as having established realistic internationalization strategies, set concrete goals and targets, and been successfully coordinating various intarntionalization measures through appropriate progress and management.

ISAS2.0-related Reports

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