Message from the President

Etsuko Yaguchi, President, Toyo University
April 2020

矢口学長The roots of the globalization of Toyo University can be found in the philosophy of Professor Enryo Inoue, who founded the University’s predecessor, the "Private Philosophy Academy". In the middle of the Meiji era (1868-1912), Japan, which was in the process of building a modern nation, actively introduced knowledge and technology from abroad, promoted the industry and development of various systems, and emphasized education to create the people who would be responsible for it. Even in institutions of higher learning, their education was centered on the academic and technological developments in the West. However, in addition to studying Western philosophy and psychology and touring the world, Dr. Enryo deepened his educational philosophy through his study of Buddhism in Japan. The ability to think deeply about things and the formation of ideas that are reflected in our daily actions are the pillars of our education. This was because it was considered to be the basic education that a world-class human being should possess. Up to the present, Toyo University has provided education based on the knowledge we have developed independently and the research results we have accumulated in various parts of the world.

Currently, Toyo University's global education is being developed under the banner of the "TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS - Becoming an Asian Hub University for Global Leaders" concept adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2014 under its "Top Global University Project" (Type B). This project is designed to provide students with a highly effective educational program and to enhance their international mobility so that they will be able to live in an increasingly globalized society. Under this project, new faculties and departments have been created to foster human resources* who can demonstrate leadership in international settings. The number of partner universities has increased dramatically, and the number of international students from a variety of countries and regions has increased in kind, bringing a new wind to the campus.

According to former President Makio Takemura, who promoted this project, the symbolic image of TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS embodies the following two sentiments. One is to polish students who have great potential, like diamonds in the rough, through this project, and make them shine and grow into "human resources" who can play an active role on the world stage. The other is to raise the global awareness of all students and build up a middle class with a vibrant international background so that the distribution of students as global human resources can be changed from a pyramid to a diamond. 
*We have used the word "human resources" because we believe that people are an asset.

Now, as we enter the 2020s, this project is at last reaching its final phase. Going forward, I would like to cherish not only the way that each individual shines, but also the idea that our diverse students learn together, where their personalities intersect and shine beautifully from many different angles. 

Just as we were hoping to increase opportunities for study abroad and international exchange, the new coronavirus pandemic is forcing universities around the world to give up their study abroad programs and overseas training.

Modern society, where people from all over the world can easily come and go, is characterized by the richness of exchange and the ease with which the dangers through the exchange can be diffused. Some have pointed out that this is a challenge of globalization. However, real globalization comes into its own when we address the anxiety and difficulties caused by such an unknown disease. Accurate information and knowledge must be shared throughout the world, and we must work together to bring the situation under control. Through this kind of interconnected cooperation, language and communication skills are put to the test, and global citizens who can cooperate and contribute to solving problems are required.

Let's study with courage, aiming to bring to Toyo University, to Japan, to Asia, and the world the rich brilliance that comes from the fellowship of human beings tackling the issues we all face.