Courses and Registration

Available Courses

Study Abroad students can take:
■ Academic courses taught in English (2 credits apiece)
■ Academic courses taught in Japanese (only for students who have scored N1 or N2 on the JLPT) (2 credits apiece)
■ Sports courses (1 credit apiece)
■NEST (Japanese Language and Culture) courses (up to 10 credits per semester)
   Japanese for Beginners Theory = 2 credits, Japanese for Beginners Practice = 2 credits
   Japanese Culture and Society (Beginner/Ⅰ) = 2 credits
   Introduction to Japanology (Ⅱ/Ⅲ) = 2 credits
   Project Work = 1 credit
   Japanese Writing = 1 credit
   Japanese Listening = 1 credit
   Japanese Reading = 1 credit

・Study Abroad students at Toyo take courses at Hakusan campus and Akabanedai campus. Faculties are as follows.

Faculty of Letters / Faculty of Economics / Faculty of Business Administration / Faculty of Law /

Faculty of Sociology /Faculty of Regional Development Studies / Faculty of Global and Regional Studies /

Faculty of International Tourism Management

・Not all Toyo courses are available for study abroad students. Study Abroad students choose courses from the course list.

  Courses for Study Abroad students at Toyo (2022 Fall semester) [Excel]

Please see the lists from the past semesters for your reference. Most science and computer science courses will not be available to study abroad students.

 Courses for Study Abroad students at Toyo (2022 Spring semester) [Excel]

 Courses for Study Abroad students at Toyo (2019 Academic year) [Excelファイル/199KB]

 Courses for Study Abroad students at Toyo (Spring 2020) [Excel]

 Courses for Study Abroad students at Toyo (Spring 2021) [Excel] (Online only)

・Please note that the above courses are subject to change.
・Courses offered at Toyo University are, as a general rule, taught in Japanese. However, the list includes courses taught in English. Please see the “Language of Instruction” section in the list.
・Students with advanced Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N1 or N2) are able to enroll in regular courses taught solely in Japanese.
・Graduate students can take graduate level courses at Hakusan campus with the instructors’ approval if the courses align with your language proficiency and major at your home university.
・If there are too many applicants for some classes, a lottery will be held to decide who gets in. In this case, some students may not be able to take the class.
・Any courses with the same title cannot be taken simultaneously even if the professors are not the same.



Please click here to download Syllabi.  

Course Registration

Study Abroad students begin the course registration process shortly before arrival at Toyo and complete it during orientation.

1. Submit preliminary course registration form (before arrival)
2. Attend registration orientation (after arrival)
3. Consult with academic advisor (a Toyo professor introduced by IAO) for advice on courses and student life at Toyo
4. Finalize course registration through the IAO

For detailed information about course registration, please check this overview.