Fee-based Program

1. Eligibility

1.Students enrolled in one of the partner universities of Toyo University
2.ISEP Direct students
3.UMAP Program B students
4.CISabroad students
5.Students whose G.P.A. is 【Partner U/UMAP】2.5/4.0 or higher, 【ISEP】3.0/4.0 or higher.
6.Students who have mastered hiragana and katakana characters completely before arriving in Japan if they would like to take Japanese language and culture program (NEST).


2. Fact Sheet and Application Guideline

◆Fact Sheet

 Toyo Fee-based Program Fact Sheet for Fall 2020 [PDF]

 2020年度秋学期東洋大学留学(有料)プログラム概要 [PDF] 

◆Application Guideline  

    Nomination Deadline for Fall 2020: March 1, 2020  /  Application Deadline for Fall 2020: March 5, 2020

 Application Guidelines of Fee-based Program for 2020 Fall [PDF]

 2020年度秋学期東洋大学留学(有料)プログラム出願案内 [PDF]

◆Scholarship Information

   Not available now.

◆Courses available for exchange students

   Courses 2019 [Excel]

Please note that the avobe courses are offered from April 2019 to January 2020. The course list for 2020 academic year will be available only in March 2020.

Please use the list for 2019 for your reference.

Please download syllabi from here.


3. Application Forms

Application Form for Fall 2020 [Excel] 

Toyo Net-ACE guide Fall 2020 [PPT] 


*If you plan to study through ISEP or UMAP, please begin their application process first.

 ◆ Application Process Overview Fall 2020 [Word]

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