Fee-based Program


1.Students enrolled in one of the partner universities of Toyo University
2.ISEP Direct students
3.UMAP Program B students
4.CISabroad students
5.Students whose G.P.A. is 【Partner U/UMAP/CISabroad】2.5/4.0 or higher, 【ISEP】3.0/4.0 or higher.

Fact Sheet and Application Guideline

◆Fact Sheet

 Toyo Fee-based Program Fact Sheet for Spring 2022 [PDF] (Updated on August 4)

 2022年度春学期東洋大学留学(有料)プログラム概要 [PDF]  (Updated on August 4)

◆Application Guideline  

    Nomination Deadline for Spring 2022: October 1, 2021  /  Application Deadline for Spring 2022: October 5, 2021

 Application Guidelines of Fee-based Program for Spring 2022 [PDF]

 2022年度春学期東洋大学留学(有料)プログラム出願案内 [PDF] 

Courses available for exchange students

Application Forms

Application Form for Spring 2022 [Excel] 

Toyo Net-ACE guide Fall 2021 [PPT]  (To be updated soon)

Application Schedule and Process Overview

*If you plan to study through ISEP or UMAP, please begin their application process first.

 ◆ Application Process Overview Spring 2022 [Word]


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