Study Abroad Program

Program Overview

Toyo University was founded by Dr. Enryo Inoue in 1887 as Academy of Philosophy in Tokyo with the basic spirit, “The basis of all learning lies in philosophy.” It has now become a comprehensive university consisting of 13 faculties and 15 graduate schools in its five campuses with some 30,000 students, including approximately 1200 international students. In 2014 Toyo was selected by the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) as one of the 37 universities nationwide for the Top Global University project. Based upon this significant milestone, it is committed to working towards developing an even higher quality of education and research while reinforcing its efforts for internationalization.

The study abroad programs at Toyo are designed for students who wish to study at Toyo University for one semester or a full year as specified below. The students in this program will study Japanese language and culture and/or regular courses. Those who are certified Level 1 (N1) or Level 2 (N2) of the JLPT (the Japanese Language Proficiency Test) are eligible to take regular courses taught in Japanese.

 Eligible Students

Please see the Exchange program page or the Fee-based program page.

 Language Requirement

It is recommended that students begin the exchange program having taken at least one semester of a university level Japanese language course.

・Educational materials recommended for beginning students of the Japanese language (online):

 JF Japanese e-learning Hiragana

 JF Japanese e-learning Katakana

 Exchange Period

Period Fall (September) Enrollment Spring (April) Enrollment
Semester September to January April to August
Full Year September to August April to January

※Changing the length of your period of study after submitting your application documents (from a semester to a year, or a year to a semester) is not allowed. Please make sure of your desired length of study before submitting your application.

 Important Dates

Important Dates Fall (September) Enrollment Spring (April) Enrollment
Nomination Deadline March 1 October 1
Online Application Deadline March 5 October 5
Admission Permission  Early June  Early January 
COE Issuance   Late July Late February 
 Arrival Dates  Early September  Late March

※The above dates are subject to change.

 Digital Materials

Toyo University Official Promotion Video

Study Abroad Program PPT Video↓

Toyo University Brochure [PDF]


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