Grading System and Credits

Grading System

In order to pass a course, you must:
□ Attend at least 2/3 of your classes;
□ Turn in assigned work and pass your exams.

All courses at Toyo adhere to this grading system.







90 – 100

Fully attained the targets with excellent results


80 – 89

Fully attained the targets


70 – 79

Attained the targets


60 – 69

Attained minimum targets



40 – 59

Some targets remain unattained


0 – 39

All or most targets remain unattained


Not eligible for grading

Disqualified from grading because of attendance and/or failure to do any of the assigned work



Each semester at Toyo is 16 weeks long (15 weeks of lectures plus 1 week of exams) and can be divided into two 8-week quarters.Students may take semester courses, quarter courses, or both.

For both semester courses and quarter courses, academic courses are worth 2 credits apiece. Sports courses, language courses, and laboratory courses are worth 1 credit apiece.

Credit calculations

□ Semester courses
One academic credit represents 45 hours of work, and two represents 90 hours of work. 
Academic courses meet once a week for 90 minutes. Because 45 minutes is calculated as one hour, each 90-minute lecture is calculated as two hours. Over a 15-week semester, this is 30 classroom hours.
It is understood that students do two hours of preparation and study for each hour in the classroom. Therefore, it follows that for a 30-hour course students do 60 hours of prep/study for a total of 90 hours of work, which is worth two academic credits.

□ Quarter courses
In an 8-week quarter, academic courses meet twice a week for 90 minutes apiece. 
Using the same calculations used for semester courses, it is understood that students have 30 classroom hours and 60 prep/study hours for each quarter course. This results in 90 hours of work and, therefore, two academic credits.

Credit Transfer

Your home university will determine which Toyo credits transfer and how much they will be worth. Consult with your home university’s study abroad coordinator and relevant faculty and staff from your department about the courses you plan to take at Toyo to see if they will transfer and how many credits they will be worth.

For information about course contents, please check our syllabus database.

To satisfy visa requirements, you MUST be enrolled in AT LEAST SEVEN lectures’ worth of courses per week. Beyond meeting the visa requirements, the number of courses you take at Toyo is up to you. There is no maximum number and no additional charge for taking a high number of courses; however, your home university may have a limit on the number of courses you may transfer. If you are unsure, we recommend you consult with your home university.