Student Voice

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 Sarcha Farrel (Dublin City University, Ireland)

Hiya! I'm Sorcha, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I decided to study in Toyo University as people I knew recommended it as an excellent university to study in. I am studying Japanese and the NEST course is really well structured, with amazing teachers and fun classes. Of course, I also wanted to see Tokyo and Toyo is super central, which is really useful. So far, thanks to the university, I have participated in a homestay in Ibaraki Prefecture, and saw a beautiful side of Japan and the incredible countryside here.

In Toyo University, I am lucky enough to be a staff member in the Asaka ECZ, which is a small community for those wanting to speak or practice English. It is a really easy and enjoyable way to make friends. I recommend trying out a new circle or participating in the LEP program if you want to meet new people. After studying abroad, I will return to my home university to complete my degree. After that, I want to pursue further education and maybe a career in teaching, or law, as I started taking classes in Law in Toyo this year and have found them really interesting. My advice for incoming exchange students is to work hard, try new things, make the most of the many opportunities Toyo will offer and enjoy your time here! 

ISEP Exchange

 Marco Lo Presti Umberto (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano, Italy)

Hello! My name is Marco, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Italy. I am a master degree student in Arts Management at Università Cattolica, in Milan. I am passionate about modern and contemporary art, technology and the innovations that are currently changing the art market. In my studies, I integrate the economic and business culture with the disciplines related to my great passion for the arts and the enhancement of cultural heritage.

Since September 2019, I am studying abroad at Toyo University in Japan and so far this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life!

I love to travel, meet new people and learn about different cultures and perspectives. This is why I have decided to study abroad so far away from my home country. I wanted to challenge myself by going out of my comfort zone.

I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture and society, therefore Toyo University was the perfect choice for me. It is giving me the opportunity to live in Tokyo, to study in an international and diverse environment, as well as to get in contact with locals, experiencing many dimensions of traditional Japanese culture I have always dreamed about.

At Toyo University, I am taking classes taught in English from the faculty of business administration, mainly from the department of accounting and finance. In all my courses, there are both Japanese and international students coming from all over the world. This is one of the aspects I personally value the most! Every single project and group assignment we have, it becomes a great chance to merge our different cultural backgrounds and distinctive ways of thinking to obtain the best results possible, with a mindset always open to multiple approaches.

In addition to these classes, I have also had the opportunity to join the great team of people who are working at the ECZ (English Community Zone), on the university campus in Hakusan. The ECZ is a meeting place dedicated to students who want to improve their English skills, or just want to play games, have conversations and be part of a huge community of friends. Being a staff at the ECZ is simply the best job ever. It allows me to meet, talk to and help many Japanese students, with whom I am hanging out even outside my working hours and I am becoming real friend.

I strongly suggest all future international students to join ECZ to become part of a big family.

As time flies when you deeply enjoy what you are doing, I have barely realized that almost four months have already passed since I arrived here. Unfortunately, I will finish my semester abroad at Toyo at the end of January 2020. After this experience, I will go back to Italy to write my final dissertation, to attend the last semester at my home university and to start working right after.

Finally, to all the future international students I will assure that Toyo University, Tokyo and the whole country have a lot to offer in terms of personal and professional growth. So, leave your city, leave your home and your comfort zone. Travel far enough to meet yourself, I am sure you will have the best time at Toyo.

P.S. On clear days you can spot Mount Fuji from the university rooftop. Also, it goes without saying that Japanese food is lit!.


 Koo Danbi (Hongik University, Korea)

こんにちは。私はUMAPプログラムを通して韓国の弘益大学から来たクダンビと申します。プログラムの中で色々な大学がありましたが、私の専攻である経営の授業がある学校の中で、東洋大学が英語で開講する授業をたくさん提供しているので東洋大学を選びました。私は今NEST授業で日本語を習っていて、Global Strategic Management and Merger and Acquisitionやビジネス・コミュニケーションなどの英語で講義される専攻と関連する授業も履修しています。

東洋大学のLEPLanguage Exchange Program)プログラムに参加しながら、多様なイベントにも参加しました。特に、LEP学生の為の運動会やLanguage Exchange Timeが私にとってたくさんの友達を作れる楽しい活動でした。この様な色々なプログラムに参加して、私の日本語と英語もたくさん上達したと思います!