The University hosts the TGL Camp, “Hands-on Farm Experience Program in Nasushiobara”

The Global Career Education Center hosted a three-night hands-on farm experience program at the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) located in Nasushiobara, from February 5 to February 8, 2018. At ARI, which was founded with the aim of developing rural leaders who can serve their communities all over the world, students engaged with foreign staff and learned farm management through lectures, discussions, workshops and hands-on experience while placing an emphasis on the concept of “food“ that sustains all life. 12 students (four students from the Faculty of Economics, one student from the Faculty of Law, one student from the Faculty of Regional Development Studies, five students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering and one student from the Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts) participated in the program and worked together with ARI’s interns and staff from eight countries (including the US, Cameroon, Germany, the Philippines and Brazil)   

The program was filled with new experiences, and students learned a lot more than just Japanese agriculture at ARI. They learned a lot from the lectures given by ARI’s Japanese and overseas staff members who have diverse experience, and reflected on the reason why we are fortunate enough to eat delicious “food” and the importance of maintaining that system.