TGL Camp held on Itakura Campus

TGL Camp held on Itakura Campus

On Saturday April 21, TGL Camp was held on the Itakura Campus. In addition to students affiliated with the Itakura Campus, students of the Hakusan Campus also participated, bringing the total to 55.


This TGL Camp was held in a workshop style, with the theme based on the Food Edition of the 2001 best seller, If the World Were a Village of 100 People.


If the World Were a Village of 100 People supposes that, among the 100-person world population, 50 are suffering from malnutrition, and 33 are deficient in vitamins and minerals, so they cannot work and live as they would like. The students who participated thought about the food situation in Japan and globally from various different angles. Also, it provided a chance for them to recognize anew that they are lucky to live in the environment of Japan.

The Camp instilled an interest in the participants for countries outside of Japan as well as the entire world. We hope this experience will encourage the students make use of our university’s programs for overseas study and research.




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