Toyo Global Leader (TGL) Program

Toyo Global Leader (TGL) Program

In order for Toyo University students to become globally competent human resources who can play an active role domestically and internationally, the TGL program aims to strengthen three elements. These elements are, "the ability to express in English, in a different cultural environment", "the ability to create a cultural value", and "the ability to solve problems in a different cultural environment".

Criteria are set within the program, and students who satisfy all the requirements are accredited as the "Toyo Global Leader". Within the Toyo Global Leaders, students are also ranked as either "Gold", "Silver", or "Bronze", according to their abilities.


Criteria are set depending on the ranks as stated below.

Criteria Gold Silver Bronze
English skills (TOEIC (R) score) 730 590 N/A
Subject credits taken in foreign languages 40 credits 20 credits 10 credits
Academic thesis writing in foreign language Required Recommended Recommended
Studying abroad and internship Required Either is Required Recommended
Overseas activity Required Recommended
Toyo Global Leader Camp Required (operation) Required (participation) Required (participation)
Toyo Global (Tg) points 30 points 20 points 10 points

For the details of criteria and each activity, please conform "TOYO GLOBAL DIAMONDS (International Exchange Information) Course" at ToyoNet-Ace (for users only).

Participation guide

TGL Leaflet
TGL Program Leaflet