International Students Meeting

What's International Students Meeting?

International Students Meeting (ISM) is the event students in Toyo and students in other universities discuss various topics online.
The main topic is related to Japan. Therefore, if you are interested in Japan and Japanese culture, there is no doubt that you will enjoy it.
This event will be held in Japanese, so it might be a good opportunity for you to try your Japanese ability.
Why don’t you join? International friends are looking forward to seeing you online.


Upcoming Meeting

Coming Soon

Past Meetings (AY2021) *Japanese text only.




  JV-Campus留学生支援ボックス 第2回オンライン「国際学生ミーティングSP」(2022年3月22日)
  JV-Campus留学生支援ボックス 第1回「国際学生ミーティングSP」(2022年2月21日)