Toyo University International Student Association (TIA)

The Toyo University International Student Association (TIA) is an organization established to facilitate international students nurturing friendships between each other, and between international students and domestic students on all campuses of Toyo University. All members of the TIA are international students of Toyo University. Each international student of Toyo University becomes eligible to join the TIA at the time of enrollment. The TIA serves as a place for mutual exchange that allows international students to discuss worries and issues that only international students can understand, and to help each other through interaction with other students from the same country/region, seniors and juniors. Any international student can use the International Student Room on the Hakusan Campus (2nd floor, Building 8) and the Kawagoe Campus (3rd floor, the Student Hall Cafeteria Building) as a place for exchange activities. After graduation, members can continue to interact with each other through the Alumni Association of Toyo University. Join the TIA, and expand your world.

Our main events


Welcome party for new students


Sports event


BBQ party


Summer camp


University Festival


End-of-year party


Farewell party for graduates


Membership fee

Free of charge