Government and Other Scholarships

Japanese Government Scholarships for International Students as well as scholarships funded by foundations, public service corporations, private businesses, and many nongovernment organizations are available. For details on scholarships, eligibility, and applications, check the Student Support Section bulletin board or website.

In particular, Toyo University has been selected for the “Career Development Program for Foreign Students in Japan” by MEXT and has been receiving preferential allocations of t the “Honors Scholarship” by MEXT and the “Special Scholarship” from Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES). For those interested in applying, letters of application will be required, so be sure to prepare enough time beforehand to gather the necessary materials.

For some scholarships, on-campus screening will be necessary, and in those cases scholastic performance may be considered.

For more information, contact Career Support Office for International Students.

  Career Support Office for International Students  

  Location: Hakusan campus Bldg.8, 2F room8201
  TEL: 03-3945-4169 FAX: 03-3945-4174