Check List for Admitted International Students

For students who are arriving Japan

A. What to do before arrival

Checkbox Read the Enrollment Procedure Guide, and complete the matriculation procedure.
CheckboxCheck the procedure for the Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (COE) and visa. (Find out more)
CheckboxApply for a visa at the Japanese Embassy or the Japanese Consulate General.
Prepare a credit card. (A credit card will be necessary to contract a cell phone and other services in Japan. However, you will need to wait for six months after coming to Japan in order to be eligible for a local credit card as you will be considered as non-resident during that period. In addition, it will take even more time for students who are minor since the signature of a guardian will be required in the process of application. 
CheckboxArrange accommodation (a dormitory or apartment). (Find out more.)
Checkbox Book your flight.
Checkbox Check the route to the residence or university campus from the airport of your arrival.
Checkbox Pack your Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (COE) in your hand luggage (the COE will be required at the time of immigration inspection).
Checkbox Print and fill out the application form for the Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted.
(If you wish to work a part-time job in Japan, you must apply for the above-mentioned permit.) (Find out more.)
Checkbox If you wish to bring prescription medication into Japan, check the necessary procedure. (Find out more.)

B. What to do upon arrival

CheckboxComplete necessary move-in procedure at the city or ward office where you live.
Checkbox Obtain a "Request for Verification of Resident Registration/Certificate of Items Stated in Resident Register" (that does not include My Number) issued at the city or ward office of residence.
CheckboxTake out the National Health Insurance at the city or ward office of residence. (Find out more.)

For students who are already in Japan

CheckboxRead the Admission Procedure Guide, and complete the admission procedure.
CheckboxComplete the procedures to change your status of residence and to extend your period of stay. (Find out more.)
CheckboxSubmit a “Notifications of change in activity, contract, or marital status (transfer)” to the Immigration Service Agency of Japan within 14 days after matriculation. (Find out more.)

Inquiries about a COE and visa:

Toyo University Status of Residence Support Office