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After accepting a job offer (Change of Residence Status and Career Decision Notification)

Change of Residence Status

After receiving a job offer from a company, promptly follow the procedures to change your status of residence from "Student" to a "work" related one.
Even with a job offer, you cannot work in Japan unless you change your status of residence from "Student" to "Specialist as Engineer/Humanities/International Services" or other working status. The main points considered when granting a change in status of residence are as follows:

  • The work to be engaged in relates to the applicant's university education
  • Remuneration would be the same or more than for a Japanese worker
  • The company is recognized to be secure and have future potential

When choosing a company, keep the above points in mind.

*When starting to work in April, the procedure can be taken in December of the previous year. For the time of the application for change of status of residence, ask the company which you received a job offer from. Notification of permit will usually be issued within one month after application, but the change of the visa status to “working” at Immigration Service Agency will be done only after the Certificate of Graduation is issued.

*The required documents differ depending on your current visa, so confirm with your prospective employer and the Immigration Service Agency. You may be asked to provide documents (E.G. registration certificates, latest balance sheets, etc.). Consult with your prospective employer be-forehand. Materials prepared in languages other than Japanese or English must be accompanied with a translation.

Submission of Career Decision Notification Form

After deciding what to do after graduation (finding a job, going on to graduate school, returning home etc.), be sure to submit the “Career Decision Notification Form” to the Career Support Office on your campus.