When You will Remain in Japan and Seek a Job After Graduation

A status of residence of “Designated Activities”

●In principle, it is important to complete your job search before graduation. If you wish to continue your job search after graduation, you can apply for a change of your status of residence to that of “Designated Activities” before graduation. Once you have graduated, you cannot look for a job with the visa status of “Student”.

If more than three months have passed since your graduation date and you still haven’t applied for this change of status of residence, we will not issue the letter of recommendation required for the application.

This procedure applies only for International students who have been searching jobs since before graduation. International students who start searching for employment after graduation are not eligible to apply for this change of status of residence from " Student"  to "Designated Activities".

●If your status of residence is changed to “Designated Activities”, you can continue looking for a job in Japan. In addition, you can obtain permission to engage in an activity other than those permitted under the status of residence previously granted within 28 hours or less per week, or re-entry permission, if your application is permitted.

If you wish to change your status of residence to that of “Designated Activities,” a “letter of recommendation” will need to be issued by our University. Please conduct this procedure through PUGS (Toyo University Online Application System for COE and Status of Residence). In principle, the period of stay permitted is six months.

In order for Toyo to issue a “letter of recommendation”, you will need "materials that confirm that you have been looking for a job since you were student". If you are looking for a job using Toyo’s email account, please note that you will not be able to use this account and check your activity records after graduation. Please keep a separate record of your activity records before your graduation date. After graduation, please submit your activity records when Toyo University issues your letter of recommendation.

If you do not get a job offer before the 6-month deadline, you can apply for further extension only once (it is determined on a monthly basis depending on the remaining period of stay). In this case, another letter of recommendation needs to be issued by our University. Also, if you are selected for a job support project (internship) conducted by a local government, you can extend it for up to another one year (two years in total).

After getting the result of the application for change of status of residence, please be sure to contact the Toyo University Status of Residence Support Office.

Notification to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan

International students with a medium- to long-term status of residence are required to submit a notification to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

Applicable to: Graduate and postgraduate students with a status of residence of “Student” and students who have changed their status of residence to that of “Designated Activities” before their graduation from our University
Notifier: International students themselves
Required notification:
“Notification relating to the Organization of Affiliation (when leaving)”
Deadline for submission of notification: Within 14 days after graduation/completion
Notification method: Either online, at the office or by postal mail
Destination of notification: Immigration Services Agency of Japan