Visa Information for Newly Enrolled Students

What is a “status of residence?”

It is a legal status under which a foreign national is permitted to engage in certain activities in Japan. There are categories of status (such as “Student”) defined by the laws depending on the nature of the resident’s activities. When landing in Japan, a “Seal of Verification for Landing” is affixed to your passport. Regardless of your period of stay, your status of residence expires if you no longer engage in the activities permitted under your status of residence. Also, if you have a change in the activities permitted under your status of residence, please apply for a change of your status of residence.


What is a “visa?”

A visa is issued at an overseas embassy or consulate as a requirement for entering Japan. A visa acts as a confirmation that the foreign national’s passport is valid and as a “recommendation” that there are no problems with the foreign national entering Japan according to the conditions written in their visa.


What is a “Certificate of Eligibility (COE)?”

After the Minister of Justice examines whether or not the activities that a foreign national seeking to land in Japan with a status of residence other than “Temporary Visitor” intends to carry out in Japan conform to the conditions of landing, if permitted, a Certificate of Eligibility is issued. When admission procedure is completed, you can request the Toyo University Status of Residence Support Office for a proxy application to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan. Your Certificate of Eligibility will be required for visa examination and landing inspection.