How to ask for proxy application for a residence status

How to ask for proxy application for a residence status

If you do not have a residence status in Japan, Toyo University may apply to the Immigration Bureau for the issuance of a “Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status” (hereinafter “COE”) on your behalf.
* Please note that because the issuance of the COE and the visa screening process are under the authority of the Japanese Ministry of Justice, the University will not be responsible for students’ failing to acquire the COE or visa.

Deadline for submitting the necessary documents

 Same as the deadline for completing the Toyo admission procedure (Japan Time)

Documents to submit

 ① Request for Proxy Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status [Wordファイル/313KB]

 ② Application for Certificate of Eligibility [Excelファイル/114KB]
      【SAMPLE】Application for Certificate of Eligibility [PDFファイル/731KB]
  * Fill in “For Applicant, Parts 1 to 3”. * Do not affix a photo.

 ③ Financial Statements
  * If your financial statements are written in a language other than Japanese or English,
   attach a Japanese or English translation to each of them.

  【If you are receiving Toyo Top global Scholarship A/B】
  * You do not need to submit any documents.

  【If you will pay your own expenses during your study in Japan】
  * Including if you receive remittances from abroad
  ・A copy of the page of a bankbook in your name that shows your name,
   and a copy of the bankbook page showing the most recent balance
  ・If you receive remittances from abroad, “remittance letters” or a copy
   of the pages that evidence these remittances
  ・Certificate showing receipt of a scholarship

  【If your expenses will be covered by another person during your study in Japan】
  ・A “certificate of income and withholding tax” or a “residence tax certificate”
   of the person who will pay your expenses

 ④ Certificate of attendance and transcript of a Japanese language school
  * If you have been enrolled in a Japanese language school inside Japan

 ⑤ A copy of the information page of your passport
  * A copy of the page showing your ID photo, passport number and passport
   expiration date

 ⑥ One ID photo (color, glossy, 4cm [height] x 3cm [width])

Webpage for submission

  Please submit the documents via ToyoNet-ACE.
  * ID and password will be the same as the personal ID and password shown in the
  “Announcement of Results”.

Adobe Reader

PDF形式のファイルをご覧いただく場合には、Adobe社が提供するAdobe Readerが必要です。
Adobe Readerをお持ちでない方は、バナーのリンク先からダウンロードしてください。(無料)