How to ask for proxy application for a residence status

If you do not have a status of residence in Japan(those who do not live in Japan)


Proxy application for a Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (COE)

1) When you complete the prescribed admission procedures, a legal administrative scrivener appointed by the university may file a proxy application for a COE on your behalf to the Immigration Services Agency. Regarding information on how to submit documents necessary for a proxy application, please refer to the “ Admission Procedure Guide”  distributed after the announcement of application results.

2) The status of residence required for a proxy application is “ Student.”

3) A Certificate of Academic Fee Payment Ability is necessary for a proxy application. Since the issuance of a Certificate of Academic Fee Payment Ability may take a long time, you are advised to allow for enough time to prepare the certificate.

4) The Immigration Services Agency and a Japanese diplomatic office in your country administer a qualifying examination for the issuance of a COE and a visa, respectively. The university takes no responsibility even if a COE or a visa is not issued. In the case where a COE is not issued, a proxy application for reapplication for a COE is not filed.

5) At our university, we (designated administrative scriveners) do not make proxy applications for those who applied below:
Under Graduate Students・・・ "Facilities for International Students Taking the Examination After February" and “February and March Admission Procedures for Center Use Entrance Exams, General Entrance Exams, General Question Entrance Exams, Practical Skill Entrance Exams, Transfer Entrance Exams, Working Adult Entrance Exams, and Adult Transfer Entrance Exams”

Graduate Students・・・"Facilities for Students Taking the Examination After February" and “Students taking February and March Admission Procedures”


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